Wired network can't connect from computer to WD Hub

I purchased and connected my WD Live Hub via wireless router and everything was good.

The wireless router is no longer functioning for other uses, so I have changed out the router for a switch (hub).

I can see the WD Live Hub in the “network map” but can no longer comunicate with it.

I ran WD network set up and it says “OK”.

The problem may be with my PC, however I can connect  to and  communicate with my other desktop.

Any Ideas???

Check if the  WD Link Software works to map it.

Thanks for the reply and input.

The link software you sugested may have solved the problem.

I contacted a WD Media tech support who recognized the problem immediatley.

My IP and MAC addresses had become inncorect.

When my router went for a **bleep**, I simply replaced it with a switch (hub) instead of replacing with a new router and running the appropriate set up which likely would have reset my addresses.

It has been years since I had to futz with IP’s so I had forgoten how  to access CMD and thus IPCONFIG.

I have noticed several other posts that resembled my issue and I suspect, like myself, others have forgoten the basics.

Thanks again.