Problems seeing my network PCs

Hi there,

I am having problems again with my TV Live seeing my network PCs. 

I am trying to access shared folders on my Windows Server 2008 machine.  The server is not set up as a domain controller, it’s on a simple workgroup named “Home”

When I attempt to look for media using the TV Live, it doesn’t display the server.  It does however display a networked hard drive and the name of my workgroup.  Why it thinks the workgroup is a computer with content I don’t know.

Anyway, on the server I do have NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled.  It’s also set as the “Comptuer Browser” and other PCs on the network can see it. 

The TV Live is connecting to internet services without any problems and computers on the network are able to see the TV Live on the network.

The TV Live has been working quite happily for a few weeks until it refused to play a video file this morning.  I just got the spinning yellow circle as it tried to load the video.  Browsing to other video files yielded the same result when trying to play them.

Upon reboot, it no longer saw my networked computers.

Any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you.

All devices in a Windows workgroup ALL need to have the same workgroup NAME.  So, you mention one of yours is HOME, so all the others need to be HOME as well.  Windows and devices often use the name WORKGROUP fo the name of the workgroup.  Just be sure all are the same name.  They could all be HOTDOG for that matter  – as long as they are all same…

Thanks for that.

I should have added that I ended up getting it working.  Remember that it was working for several weeks with no issues. 

Workgroup was the same on all PCs. 

Somehow one of my tablets managed to screw up which computer was assigned to the Master Computer Browser role.  Even though the computer elected as the Master Browser could see the server, the WD TV Live box could not see it listed on the network. 

Anyway, I turned off the Computer Browser service on all PCs but the server and it seems to be working OK now. 

Little frustrating and I could see someone with a little less knowledge than I becoming quite frustrated with this.  It also doesn’t help that you can only browse to computers in the list, you can’t access them by typing in the name of the PC directly.  If it’s not on the list, you’re hooped.

Thanks again.