WD TV Live and TV Setup


I’m looking at picking up a WD TV unit and just had some general setup questions that I can’t seem to get a solid answer on (at least, one that would help me understand what I need to do)…

Here’s my current setup: 

1.  TV which has a PS3 attached and is using TVersity as the media streamer.  TVersity of course just looks at the files on my PC and plays them on the TV through the PS3…

2.  A second TV with only a cable box attached.  It is this TV I’m more concerned with, as I’d like to be able to stream movies on my PC to this TV as well. 

With regards to how WD TV Live would work, does the WD TV “act” as the PS3 (in other words, is the unit that plays the files on the TV)?

If this is the case, then I’d like to go the wireless route.  So I assume I would place the unit with the TV #2… Would I then plug a HDMI cable into the unit and the TV and then plug a network adapter (one that’s compatible) into the unit?  By doing this, I assume the adapter would then read my  home network and the TV would “see” the files on my PC? 

I’m not sure I would need the Live Hub, since everything is already on an external HD.  I think I could just use the Live Plus…

Any thoughts to my 8 million questions?  Feel free to send me a PM if any clarification is needed…

Thanks in advance!!

The answer is ‘Yes’ to everything that you said! Everything works the way that you described it above.

Judging by what you said, I would agree that the Live Plus is your best choice.

Ok, I think you’ve got it, but just some clarification:

The TV does NOT see files.   It’s the Live that sees the files.  :)

Yep, plug HDMI from the unit into the TV, plug a network adapter into the WD.  

The WD should work with TVersity server the same way the PS3 does, but I won’t swear to that.

You also say you’ve already stored everything on an external HD.

If you plug that external HD into the USB port on the Live, then you really don’t need networking at all (except for the enhanced functions like NetFlix and other internet apps.)

Thanks, Scandy!

I suppose the best way to really figure it out is to give it a shot!!

Thanks, Tony!

Part of the problem is that the external drive is already attached to my PC, which is in another room.  That one is my “backup” drive for the PC… 

Ultimately, I’d like to rip all of my DVD’s onto an external drive and be able to stream from that one external drive to both TV’s… I’m just not sure how I’d go about getting them networked together.  The only thing I can think of is buying a second external HD, throwing the movies on there and then using the steps already mentioned to get the movies onto TV #2 (TV #1 is already using the PS3)…