A few questions on a new setup

Hey guys,

Pretty sure that I’ll get my answers here so here it goes.

My situation;

Got an HDTV at the basement with 360 and PS3 that stream over the air movies for my daughter. Those files are on my computer.

My problem;

I want my consoles back ! *har har* Seriously, I would like if she could listen her movies on our SDTV at the first floor (she don’t mind HD or not yet, she’s only 3 years old).

My solution;

At first, I thought that I would buy a WD TV, put a wifi usb key in it and in my basement, plug a network drive directly on my router. That way, my wife could load movies from the network drive when I’m at the office and keep my computer closed.

Here’s my questions;

  • I’m not sure about the wifi. I never had problem on the basement but since WDTV isn’t wifi built-in, I fear that the connection won’t be enough to stream media. I don’t want to stream 1080 anyway since it’s an old tv so files won’t be that big.

  • I got a DVD player with an USB port but it hangs after a while when reading movies. I don’t want to buy something else to get the same result.

  • I got a Passport drive as well that I could plug directly on the WDTV but it’s isn’t as cool since I have to move files all the time and I need that Passport drive for the Wii (don’t ask why ;)).

Any tips/suggestions?


No one? `:)