How to get wd tv live to link up with ps3 to allow it to stream from wdtv connected hdd's?


I have recently purchases the WD TV live and managed to set it up with no problems whatsoever I’m happy to say. PC’s  recognise the wd and can stream music and movies from it ok - I wanted to then set my ps3 to detect the wd media server but it refuses to see it.

Can anyone tell me why this is so - all things being equal it looks like this might be  deliberate but in case i am mistaken I’d be obliged if someone could set me straight.



I’m pretty sure that the official firmware of WDTVLive doesn’t have a built-in media server.

So the PS3 is not able to find something.

The only thing I don’t know exactly: The PS3 has a built-in internet browser. Perhaps there is a possibility to get access to your WD by using the browser.

cu Mike

Thank’s for the input, it might be worth trying out . There are network capability similarities between the two platforms and I’m sure it could be done -. Ah well I’ll stick it on the list to try lol.


Just a stupid question: Why do you want to have access with the PS3?

I bought my first WDTV because my PS3 wasn’t able to handle the most of file formats and the power consumption is to high for only hearing some mp3. Additionally the PS3 only supported the file system FAT32 (=max 4 GB size per file possible).

By the way: I made some tests with the PS3 browser yesterday, but I couldn’t get access to the WDTV.

The only way I see: Try to find a modded firmware which offers a media server for the WDTV.

So far I could see, there are already some freaks who implemented some sort of media servers.

Certainly there is a “small” risk that you can destroy your box by flashing a not official supported firmware and certainly you should have some knowledge about linux. So be warned as you will lose your warranty.