WD TV - Largest External Drive Supported?

Hi all
I got a blinding deal on a WD 5TB hard drive, I plugged it into my WD TV and has picked it up fine, after looking around people are saying it wont support it once files are put on is this true :frowning:


I recommend you contact WD Support directly for this. I can assure you my WD TV support drives up to 4TB. I have never tried with a 5TB or higher because I don’t have one. Lets see if another user has tried and can share some experience with us.

Well I am filling it up at the minute so we will see :slight_smile:

Still using a 5TB and works perfect :slight_smile:

The problem is, that results can vary …

ie. some people can’t get their [insert hdd capacity here] while other people can

i’ve personally tested my 4TB drives without issue … and i’ve read that 6TB will work as well

Just hooked up a Seagate Backup Plus 8 TB.

Works great no issues so far!

Yahoo with 2 drives I can have a whopping 16 TB!!