Maximum External HD Capacity used WD TV?

My new 4TB MY BOOK external HD is not being recognized by my new WD TV. Is there a maximum capacity for External HD used with WD TV? I can see/access/play the files on my PC. The content is there. I’ve reset several time using pin/clip and using the menus. Wifi works, as I can play stuff from a different HD connected to my router. Any help is greatly appreciated. (Am I missing something obvious?)

I bought the following models on amazon:

WD 4TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBFJK0040HBK-NESN
WD TV Media Player (WDBYMN0000NBK-HESN)

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A 4 TB drive should work with your WD TV. I recommend you make sure the drive is directly plugged in to a wall outlet just to make sure it is not a power issue.

Thanks so much for the reply!!

WD support said it should work, too. Are there power issues with the WD TV? They’re sending me a new WD TV. Fingers crossed…

My 4TB Elements works fine on the WDTV (i’ve seen posts where people are reporting 5TB & 6TB also work)

If the WDTV is not seeing the HDD … run chkdsk on the hard drive (this will in most cases solve the problem)

Also make sure the hard drive is NTFS (preferred)


I did run chkdsk, no errors found.

Do you know the 5/6TB drive owners?

My Book model or Elements model?

My Book HD was formatted NTSC. ???

So is it a format type (NTFS, NTSC, Fat32, etc.) issue, 4TB size issue, combination?


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Here’s one WD support guy’s reply:


Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. My name is xxxxxxx.

We truly apologize for the inconvenience that this situation can be bringing to you.

Please have in mind the USB storage must to be formatted in NTFS, FAT/FAT32 or HFS+.

In your case specifically, you must to use an USB storage with less capacity, since a 4T My Book drive may be issues to be recognized.

Once again we apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further."

Another support guy said they haven’t tested my 4TB My Book model with WDTV.

Another support guy said, “it should work”.


It gets worse. The Refurb 2TB drive came today and the box was wide open.


Issues with all three WD purchases: WDTV, 4TB HD, 2TB HD.

huh ? now you throw a 2TB hdd into the conversation :confused:

what happened to them sending you a replacement WDTV ? :confused:

why do you keep saying formatted NTSC ? that’s got nothing to do with Hard Drives

NTSC is a Video System (National Television System Committee)

sounds like you are totally confused

Where’s the Snarky Insult ? i don’t see one ?

Your original post was about your 4TB not working with your WDTV

then you change the subject and start talking about a 2TB

and you were using the wrong terminology (NTSC) for Hard Drive formats … which i was pointing out

Ok, good luck and goodbye :grinning:

lol :sunglasses:


Hey guys please keep it friendly. Remember we are all just trying to help each other.

To clarify, a friend offered to set up the WDTV and format the drive, and add content.

(We are going through a rough patch: wife kidney transplant, wife is now bed-ridden last 5 years, etc., so as retired full-time caregiver, I accepted his offer.)

He said he used a PC with XP to format the 4TB drive and set up the WDTV. He formatted the drive as “NTSC”. (I don’t know what all this means, we thought it would just work, as his WDTV system does).

I got the system back from my friend and plugged it in. Didn’t work. I called WD support. They couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work. She said, it seems like WDTV issue, set up an RMA return. I received the replacement WDTV, same result, the replacement WDTV didn’t work with the 4TB either.

Could XP cause problems?

Is there a documented maximum HD size supported by WDTV?

Is there a documented WDTV power issue? Is it required to plug directly into a wall socket?

I ordered a refurb 2TB HD to back up content on the 4TB drive. It arrived box wide open, so RMA it is.

I hear that WD Support is helping you out with this. To prevent anymore misunderstandings, I will now close this thread.