WD My Book 4tb will not work on my Samsung Smart tv. Help Please!

problem is exactly what the title says!!! I cannot get my wd my book to read at all on my tv. is there any way around this? All my other hard drives work on the tv, I only just bought this hard drive off pixmania and it won’t work so I’m kinda pi**ed off about this! ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

First does the TV recognize a drive that big? It may need to be reformatted to FAT32 to work. Try posting in the TV section for more help.


my other hard drives are nowhere near as big, the lowest being a 2tb seagate works no problem.

I don’t know much about TV and video is why I sugested posting in the TV section. Some of that stuff can’t use drives larger than 2T. The people in TV section will be able to help better.