New 4tb hd doesnt work in my tv


I bought a new 4TB WD hard drive last night.  Stupidly I didnt test it before I started moving things onto it.  Gone to test it on my Samsung TV & it doesnt show any of the files.  Says there are no media files on there.  Well there are, over 480gig worth of files.  The sole reason I bought this hard drive was because my 2TB hard drive worked on the TV with no problems what so ever.  If the new hard drive doesnt work, its worthless to me.  £189.99!!! 

Please can someone tell me whats going on?  Is it a known issue?  How can I fix this?  Why would the 2TB drive work fine with no problems, no programs to run/set up and this one not work at all???

FYI - I plugged in the hard drive for the first time.  Deleted everything on there (read me files/programs) as they were taking up space & Im not interested in the automatic backup.  Did I delete something on the hard drive which should have been run to set the device up correctly? 

FYI - The 2TB hard drive I refer to is an Elements hard drive.  The 4TB hard drive is a My Book.



Try posting in the TV section. The drive may be to big for your video setup to use and it may need to be formatted FAT32.


Is the drive NTFS or Fat 32, also did you investigate if your TV supports 4 TB drives?