WD My Book on Smart TV

Hi,  just got myself a 4TB My Book.  Loaded up films etc., but my LG smart TV won’t recognise the drive.  This topic has no doubt been discussed before, but i cannot find any relevany threads under the search.  Is it the size of the drive, format or power supply…??  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hello and welcome to the community,

I recommend you check your TV user’s manual for information regarding external drives. It is possible it is a format issue or maybe a size limitation.

thank for the reply.  looks like i might have to partition it.  what is likely to happen if i plug the usb into my router - will i be able to file share/DNLA to the TV, or is the my book simply not designed to do that.  Looking about the net, it seems i have brought a brick which sits next to my laptop to serve as backup/external HDD.  belatedly, i have learnt the meaning of NAS…