WD MY BOOK 2TB No longer working on my smart TV

hi please can any one help

i have a LG smart tv (50la660V) connecting through DNLA to my WD MY BOOK 2TB network drive.

Its been working fine for the past year but now the TV will not recognise the hard drive for more that 1-2mins then it disappears. if i do manage to open a file (video and pictures) it will show an error msg of ‘file not supported’ after around 60secs of playback.

The drive is working fine on my Android phone with Comcast on another TV, my computer and i can beam files (Video & pictures) to my this LG TV vie Bubble. The part that is not working is through smart share. 

There is no reason i can think of why this has suddelnly stopped working all software is uptodate

Thanks for reading


Welcome to the WD Community.

Have you tried resetting the unit?

What firmware are you running on the unit?