My Book Live and Samsung D8000 Smart TV

For over 2 years I have a My Book Live connected with my Samsung D8000 Smart TV. Untill severall weeks ago everything worked perfect, but now my tv can not recognize the My Book Live anymore. When I access the drive by using WD Photos or WD2Go on my phone (Samsung) or my IPad there is no problem (little slower than before). Also accessing the drive from my laptop is no problem. I have checked my Smart TV allready and updated the software from both my tv and the drive but nothing seems to work.

Anyone experienced the same and/or has an idea how to solve this problem?


Have you tried resetting the drive or power cycling it?

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Thanks for the tip. It turned out that there was something wrong with Twonky Media. After reenabling the service and rebuilding the database, the problem was solved. I thought I already tried this, but apperently not or it hadn’t worked before.