External Hard Drives shows no Media Avail


The subject line says it all. I emailed support but They told me to run chkdisk which did’t solve the problem. now I a am sitting on two 4TB harddrives that both don’t work with WD Live.  Perhaps someone has another Idea here. I tried nearly all the stuff suggested here.  I can attachmy old 1TB drive and it works fine, as do USB sticks.

Thanks Johann

just forgot the email notification

So, you’ve already confirmed they’re not formatted with ExFAT?

it says “file system NTFS”

Can’t find the posts ATM but IIRC people reported both GPT and MBR drives (4 TB) to work with the WDTV. Have you tried a different cable (although, USB3 cables are generally thicker than USB2 cables)?

yes I have. I don’t know I have tried most of the suggested stuff. and it happens with bot identical drives.