WD TV has stopped recognising 2TB Seagate external drive

I have a WD TV Media Player (“Device Info 1.03.07” bought about a year ago), and a 2TB Seagate External Hard Drive (bought about a month ago). This drive was working fine on the WDTV since I got it, but after lending the drive to a friend (so they could copy some files from it onto their Macbook), the WDTV now won’t recognise it at all.

When I plug it in, the light on the drive flashes for a moment, then stops flashing and glows steadily (indicating, I assume, that it’s still receiving power via the USB cable). If I open Local Storage on the WDTV, it says “No storage present.”

The external drive works fine on my (Windows 10) laptop.

I’ve tried all kinds of things. Finally, out of desperation, I completely reformatted the external drive (it’s NTFS-formatted), put the files back on, and ran check disk (which found no errors). The WDTV still didn’t recognise it. So I tried Restoring the WDTV to Factory Settings. Still no luck.

Throughout all this, the WDTV has had no trouble recognising a 16GB memory stick.

What else should I try?

(I should add, this is my second WDTV Media Player; I had the first one for about 4 years. Both of them have had this recurring problem, where they work fine with various external drives for a while, then suddenly stop recognising them, and often just as randomly recognising them again next time I try. I can’t make any sense of it all! This time, though, it doesn’t seem to be fixing itself, no matter what I do. And as both products are fairly new, and I can’t find any problems with the drive, I’m totally at a loss).

This is a wild guess, but I believe I have seen similar posts here like yours, and by putting a drive on a different device the permissions/ownership notation in the drive gets bunged. I believe you need to go into the drive’s properties and via File Explorer straighten that ownership issue out.

Hopefully, someone will reply with a more clear explanation than I have.