WD TV and My Cloud

I have a WD TV Live box which I have been happily using for a couple of years with a hard drive connected. I have recently purchased a 4tb My Cloud which is located on the same network.

I cannot get the WD TV to find the my cloud in media share. I have already rebooted, reset devices and updated all firmwares.


My WDTVs (2 of them) can see a My Cloud and can access it via either media server or network shares, so something is wrong here. (BTW, I prefer using network shares access for most things.)

One problem could be that the My Cloud has just been set up and is still compiling its DLNA database. It could take a while if there is a lot of data to go through. (You did turn on the media streaming feature of the DLNA database in My Cloud Settings/Media, didn’t you?) If not, do this and then wait patiently for database compiling to complete. Once complete and still have an issue, do this:

Time to reboot some things. Turn off router/modem, My Cloud (only if done with its tasks) and WDTV. Do not do these steps until My Cloud is resting.
Start turning things back on, first the modem router. Wait until all up and running. Now, turn on the My Cloud and give it time to settle down. Now turn on WDTV, and once it is ready to operate, check that you can now access media servers and network shares on WDTV. Hopefully, you now can.