WD TV Live cannot see WD My Cloud 4TB via USB

I have tried both USB ports, rebooting both TV Live and My Cloud but TV Live does not see the external hard drive.

It has no problem seeing the drive via network shares… but that is not why I am requesting help advice here.

I have tested the USB port by attaching a 32GB memory stick and it reads the files on that stick right away.

Any advice would be most welcome : )

Huh ? let me get this right … you want to connect your WD MyCloud to the WD TV via USB ?

That won’t work

The USB on the back of the WD MyCould is for connecting additional Storage eg. a USB Hard drive

Which you will see via Network Shares. Remember, the MyCloud is NAS (Network Accessed Storage)

If you want to connect 4TB to the WD TV via USB, then Purchase a MyBook or Elements USB HDD

I think he wants to see his My Cloud via the WDTV. Alhough he called the My Cloud a drive instead of a NAS, I think this is what he meant. In this case he should be able to see My Cloud via Media server or Network shares. Anyway, try mapping the My Cloud for network shares this way:

He also should check that he has his WDTV network shares configured correctly.

that’s what he already said.

Hmmm, maybe he is confused, and why we are unsure of what he wants.