WD thank you!

I delayed a bit, but the fault of my schedule. the latest firmware is installed.
by cons, it will, after complete installation, unplug it, wait a few seconds and reconnect, if not, some things are not fully operational.
here, a link (in French) for a comment I made in this regard:

I just have a small request: I have a Logitech K400 keyboard is “unifying”. I plugged my TV Live and knew it does not work!
not recognized at all!
there is way to fix this?
thank you.
see you.

Do you have this particular issue with this keyboard alone, or do you experience the same results with other keyboards as well? How does it perform when used on a computer?


thank you for the answer.
on the computer, do not worry. none.
I just tried my keyboard, Logitech 3100 (the one I use daily on my computer) is not better!
I guess the USB has limits.
too bad. there are devices that plug and are recognized as a keyboard, but they are far from being developed.
too bad for me.
the fact remains that the programmers have done a good job!  
we can not possibly do everything in such a small box!  
thank you!
see you.

Got one of these for around $10, works a treat. Small & compact so can just put it in the media cabinet when not needed.

It uses a different IR signal so there is no “red” light when you put the batteries in, but all works fine.

Logitech MK220 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set Black

The compact keyboard-and-mouse combo with all the right keys. This clever little keyboard has all the standard keys - so you can save lots of space without missing a thing.

  • Package contents: Keyboard (K220), mouse (M150), USB receiver, batteries, and user documentation
  • The compact keyboard-and-mouse combo with all the standard keys, extended battery life and reliable, long-range wireless
  • Much smaller design, same keys, advanced 2.4 GHz wireless, 128-bit AES encryption and whisper-quiet keys