WD Sync

I am looking for some help please

I am trying to install WD Sync onto my Surface Pro 3 device. It will find my Cloud device after i sign in but when i press next I get the message “unable to connect to the remote server”

I would be very grateful for any help / advice regarding this

Are you still able to access your WD My Cloud within your local network when you get this error message, or does the unit become unresponsive?


I can still access via the WD My Cloud app and the dashboard still works ok as well.

We have notified WD Support about this. Please check your private messages.

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Thanks for your help

Just one thing though. Being new here, how do I access my private messages?

Upper-right corner.


The letter icon will notify you how many unread messages your have after you receive them.

Were you ever able to gain access via WD Sync? I’m having the same issue.

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I’m also having this issue and can’t find any help? I’ve seen some other posts suggesting I play around with my router reserved IP config, but surely this cant be the problem on default settings?

I have the same issue. It’s also sad that WD is restricting us from using their My Cloud Home software with the original My Cloud.

Try removing all devices from WD Sync, close WD Sync, restart WD Sync, then add the devices again. Another thing to try (from home) is to go to the UI page and remove all WD Sync cloud access links from the user.

Another thing to try is to Rebuild the database. Go to Settings, Cloud Access, Configure, Rebuild.