WD SSDs Customer Support - WD Executives Please Read!

This post needs to be read by a WD Executive:

WD Customer Support is abysmal.

I, along with many others on this forum, have been attempting to RMA the new WD Blue SA510 drives for months.

For some unknown reason, WD fiddled with a proven, reliable product and put into production a huge lemon that either doesn’t work or fails after several months.
WD, as one of the largest SSD manufacturers in the world should stand behind its products. But it doesn’t.
Customer support is virtually non-existent.
Personally, I have been trying to replace 34 of these drives for 3 months.
After spending over $120 shipping these drives back to WD, and spending hours fulfilling every little desire of WD Customer support (photocopies of the drive serial numbers for example), WD sent me the exact same drives back to me after repeatedly promising a WD Red replacement.
Now I have been waiting for 1 month for return shipping labels.
Customer support says “We truly understand your frustration, please bear with us.” Or “Kindly wait 24-48 hours and your issue will be resolved.”
It never is. It goes on and on and on.
I’ve tried to get the issue escalated, I’ve tried speaking to a manager - they all read off the same script.
No progress. WD doesn’t care. At best they don’t care about their reputation or their customers, at worst they hate us.
Won’t someone please help us???