Wd Fraud- Horrible experience

I can only start off by saying WOW to my current experience with WD support. I am a former peace officer and i have been defrauded by WD. I originally had my RMA shipment of a 2tb nvme Sn-750 lost in the warehouse. I finally got that handled, 3 phone calls later.

Waiting for my replacement SSD it took 5 phone call. Two of the calls i had escalated to second tier support. Well 1 Month later i finally received my replacement an
Sn-850, 1tb SSD. WHAT A JOKE! I immediately called second level support, guess what, they say my drive i sent in was a 1tb. Im glad i took a photo of it, before shipping. The very un-helpful tech stated no way they could make that mistake. REALLY ??

I had them tell me the serial # they had, it was off, a 0 should of been a Q, and a 1 should of been a 2. The lack of help or any recourse is ridiculous. Is this flat out fraud, incompetence, theft or simply lack of caring?

Ivave spent $100,000 plus with WD over the years. I always used them and installed the them for sensitive data and great support. This company is not like they were.

Ill update as rhis progresses, another month maybe? I guess i will vote with my $ and go elsewhere!