WD software causes issues on mac

This is a long time problem.
I had WD software installed in 2017/2018. I spent just shy of a year troubleshooting external hard drive issues with Apple on my macbook pro. Issues such as opening the drives and they are “blank”, refusal to eject, ejecting when they shouldn’t, and many more irritating issues that caused using these drives to be next to impossible. One of the steps we took was to uninstall the WD software which I used primarily to check the disk, format when needed, and to have desk folder style access to my personal cloud. When the software was removed, so were most issues with the drives.

Fast forward to now, I have two new apple computers, a M1 mac mini and a macbook pro and in the last two days I installed WD software again. I haven’t had issues with any of my external drives since removal before.

Yesterday and today I had a reoccurrence of these previous issues. Hard drives won’t eject, hard drives are “blank” when the machine is woke from sleep. I keep my drives connected usually and always have done this. It was never an issue until this software.

I don’t know what the specific issue is but it’s the most frustrating thing. I am certain the software is the problem. It is the only change I made and there were zero issues with the drives functioning perfectly prior to that install.

With that said, I am removing the software and plan to sell my two personal clouds, and I’ll go with something else. I wanted to share this in case someone else has experienced this, has a solution (would save me a lot of trouble) or so the company themselves can hopefully resolve this issue.