Wd smartware pro update does not update - help!

Ok, I have the settings on automatic update, does not work. Never mind, I did it manually.

Checked for updates, it says update is available!

Ok, I download and install it, click on check for updates again and it says update is available!

It obviously does not install it. Any suggestions?


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WD SmartWare is the latest release and no additional updates are available at this time. If the application is reporting a newer version then this is likely an application error.

I have the same problem. I understand the second posters comment that is the most recent update and to ignore the softwares notice that a new update exists.

BUT, how do I know that the WD Smartware Pro software has been updated? After doing the update to, my Smartware Pro still lists the version as 2.4.10. Is it also an application error that the Smartware Pro does not display the correct version of itself?

Thank you in advance for any light that you can shed on this.

Hmmm, not sure. If I check my current version it says 2.4.10

I thought is an update to 2.4.10?

Same problem here.

I’m somewhat surprised that there is no reaction/response from WD on this. Should be easy to explain.

The following is from my desktop computer Windows 7 SP1.

By clicking on Start>Control Panel>Uninstall a Program and looking at my list of programs, I find the following for my WD My Cloud. See image below.

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Indeed, this seems to confirm that the version is installed. I have the same entries in my programs list.

Still, when you ask WD Smartware to check for updates, it insists that there is a new update. Also, in the About section, the version is 2.4.10 instead of

Case closed I guess.

Confirmed the same situation on my PC: the program list states version while the software itself states version 2.4.10. Good enough. Hopefully, this will be fixed in future update.