WD SmartWare for Windows Version 2.4.20 (6/23/17)

FYI. Per WD’s Latest News & Announcements:


WD is happy to announce the release of the WD SmartWare Version 2.4.206 update.

WD SmartWare update highlights:

Removed the option to backup and restore from Dropbox
Removed the option to buy or try WD SmartWare Pro software
Removed Online software update functionality

Feel free to post your experiences in the WD Software forum.

They’re ‘happy’ to announce the removal of features…?

It’s a generic template for posting releases… I see your point however… I’ll talk with management on Monday and see if they want to change it or if it’s better to keep it consistent with our other announcements…

I actually laughed when I read it. :laughing: Figured some may want to know about the update so if they want the keep those features they wouldn’t/shouldn’t update.


Is this also the end of life of the basic edition of WD SmartWare in addition to the Pro edition ? I suppose at the benefit of the WD Backup software ?

Will WD Backup be soon offered with My Cloud NAS products for client backup ?