Wd smart ware pro

i had to install windows 7 new aand wanted to have the last wd smart ware pro again, but there is no online update anymore

where can i get the last version of smart ware pro?


@grummel You can find SmartWare here.

Did you have SmartWare Pro on your computer before you re-installed Windows 7? If yes then you should still have SmartWare Pro.

Do you still have your SmartWare Pro Activation Code, if you should need to enter it?

i tried this link but afterwards there is no pro version anymore!!!

@grummel I have the latest update and mine still shows pro. I don’t remember if I had to enter my activation code or not.


maybe it shows, but it is not
can you see “not wd drives”?

Didn’t they basically kill off the pro version when they announced v2.4.206?

the last automatic update had been here in 2017 with version
this is what i found meanwhile

and what wd is not mentioning - they removed the functionality in new updates for “not-wd-drives”!!!