WD Smartware backup - no option to View (non backed up) Files


When doing backups, I usually get a small panel in the main backup window indicating files that haven’t been backed up. A handful of files corrupted or incompatible in some way.

My current backup has stalled at around 90% in. I’ve got a message “Partial backup accomplished. Remaining files will be added later. Click View Files for details”.

But there’s no View File panel to be seen on the screen.

There’s 25 odd GB of files not backed up, a mix of documents, video, photos in nothing-unusual-about-them formats. There’s plenty of space on the WD drive so it’s not full or anything.

Anyone any idea what’s gone wrong?


@york Do you have, and have you read the User Manual?

Have you read all the information WDMyCloudInformationIcon provided?

Have you looked at the Help tab of SmartWare? See, Backup.


Thanks for taking the time to direct. It wasn’t so much a running application that held things up but the actual files of that application which held things up. A game called Warthunder. It was the files associated it with it which constituted the 20 or so GB that wouldn’t back up. Once I uninstalled it, backup completed successfully.

Thanks again… York