WD SmartWare does not find my files to back up

Hello - When selecting the back up source in SmartWare, it correctly identifies my PC and the C:\drive but it does not see all of the files in it. I have selected the categories (e.g. documents, pictures, movies) but it only ‘sees’ a small number of files that are actually on the c:\drive. Has anyone else had this problem and found how to resolve it ? For example, I have 85GB of jpg pictures in the ‘pictures’ folder but WD SmartWare only sees 15,4MB and consequently only backs up those files. I have to manually copy all files over and it is really annoying. I have installed the WD Sync application on the C:\drive as instructed.

Does this happen even if you change the backup engine from category backup to file backup mode in order to navigate individual folders?

I’ll try the file back up mode later this evening. Thanks for your suggestion.