1050 "Files Not Backed Up"?

I’m 2 days into backing up my data. So far it’s about 10% done. I can deal with the slow backup, but I’m concerned about the number of files not backed up. I’ve downloaded the smartware pro manual but can’t immediately find what the “Files Not Backed Up” notification means. It’s not in the index under Files and I don’t see a screenshot of that area of the GUI.

Each file not backed up gives “Result” “File Pending Backup”. What does this mean? Initially I decided to wait until the backup is finished, but it looks like that may be a week or so.

Any information on why the files aren’t being backed up, and will they be backed up without doing a total re-do?

I tried clicking on “switch to file backup” tab for more info but get the warning shown below.

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Have you read all the information provided. Look at the Help tab and read information provided.


Yes. I clicked on that and it instructs me to look at"view files". clicking there opens the window for the 1151 files not backed up and shows the reason “File Pending Backup”. I can highlight one file at a time, but it appears that even doing that the file still isn’t backed up with no reason given

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After a little digging I found that this may be an ongoing problem with some users - especially regarding backing up files larger than 50 MB. I found this thread of a couple of years ago that reports a problem very similar to mine.

It will be helpful to me and likely others if someone from WD can confirm that files larger than 50 MB will not be backed up, and whether they will 1.) eventually be backed up or 2.) never. If never, or if I need to back up a couple thousand files individually, then I’ll abandon the SmartWare option and switch back to Windows Backup/Restore.

Not mad - just need information to make an intelligent decision. I feel vulnerable with no backup, Windows or WD, at all.

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Sadly, it seems that WD never publicly acknowledge problems with their products, be they apps or mycloud firmware. It’s a very poor attitude.

I don’t use any WD apps, except for remote access on tablets.

For backup/sync, I use FreeFileSync. Once set up, it seems to work okay for me, and has no problem with files of any size, whether mirroring or syncing.

Yes. If true, it is a sad commentary regarding WD product/customer support.

If this 50 MB ceiling is true SmartWare must be suitable only for wordprocessing and spreadsheets. Maybe some pictures. I’m surprised that more users haven’t complained about this serious limitation.

Unless I get some positive advice regarding the >50MB dilemma in the next few days I’ll switch to something more suitable for backup.

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Did you ever get a Backup Accomplished Successfully? The image you provided showed 118.10 GB of 1.01 TB copied. Files Not Backed Up means they have not been backed up. See image below. This shows the gauge colors and what they represent.

Here is an example of what you will see when it has completed and it shows, Backup Accomplished Successfully!

Did yours ever complete and did you give it time to.

My backup never completed successfully. - I’ve moved to a new thread because the subject has changed.

I too was plagued by the Files not backed up issue, with 5GB of files pending backup that never got there. They were all 50 MB and larger in size. After combing through various help sites, I finally hit on a solution. You must enable Volume Shadow Copy in Windows services. Right click the task bar, open Task Manager, click services tab, click Open Services link at the bottom, scroll down to Volume Shadow Copy, select it, and click the Start the service link on the left. It should then back up those files and complete the backup successfully.


Thank you for this tip! It worked great. Is there a way for you to have it posted more broadly? I hate it when you have to do so much research on common problems that are affecting so many users. Seems like it would be a no brainer for the WD team to let you know of this issue.

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I too am experiencing this issue.

I’ve created my own thread in the hope of someone answering a couple of questions.


With regards to Large Files not being backed up (such as Video .mov etc) – a serious issue and limitation. Wow! Am I glad I found this thread. Since I started running ‘‘Volume Shadow Copy’’ on my PC (Windows 10), I think that the number of ‘‘Files Not Backed Up’’ is decreasing – my backup is still running. Will see what the result will be. (I would have never guessed that solution without this community forum. Many thanks to the people who took the time to answer the question.

Thanks for that!! Seems to have started some further (slow) backup.
This requirement should be prominent in the Help file somewhere.