WD Smartware - Back up from drive other than c:

I have used WD Smartware previously and all was fine as my pc only had one harddrive. I now have a new pc which has a C :drive which is a SSD and another drive (E:) for storage of files.

When using file backup, I do not have the option of browsing files on the E: drive in order to select what I wish to backup.

I thought it may be because WD Smartware is installed on the C: drive, but the installation window does not prompt me to select the installation directory so I am not sure if this can be changed.

Note: I am not trying to back up from c: and e: at the same time. I only want to back up from E:.



There should be a dropdown menu on the source disk.

What smartware version are you using?


Thanks for your reply.

Version 2.4.16
windows 10

I didn’t entirely follow where the dropdown menu should be. Are you referring to in the “backup” section in the box on the left after “switch to file backup” has been selected? If so, for me I have various checkboxes to choose the files, but they only start from the c: drive. the other drive does not show.

hopefully here is a picture of the window dialogue:


This would be found on the Home tab. You need to read all Help information, read information provided under the Help tab and read the Online User Manuals, link provided at the bottom of the Help tab.

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Thank you (sorry - I see it is an obvious question once you know the answer…!)