WD Sharespace terribly slow on network?

I have two 4TB WD Sharespaces running on a simple DHCP Network.  Mac’s and PC’s connect to these network drives daily.  When copying to these devices its terribly slow and the copy speed varies for some reason.  Does anyone know if Western Digital has a solution for these devices to run faster on a normal network(s)?


Lance Trudo

This drive is capable of accomplishing gigabit connection, if your network is capable of this of course, also are you connecting wire or wireless? And what kind of cables are you using? (in case it is wired)

even though the ShareSpace has a gigabit LAN port, the box itself is rather slow.

Even though it says “up to 30MB/sec” on the package, my box is never faster than 10MB/sec - and that speed I only get if I copy large files. If I work with small files, the realistic transfer rate is around 1MB/sec.

Western Digital knows about this performance issue - and doesn’t care.

Which is why they have lost many, many customers to companies which make high quality NAS systems for the same price but with 10x the performance.

Keep in mind that these drives use the SLOWEST WD Caviar Green drives available. It’s a matter of read write speeds more than Ethernet.