New User - Slow Transfer Rates

I recently purchased a 8TB ShareSpace (RAID 5)  to attach to my home network. 

My computer is a quad-core system with 8gb of ram, with 2TB Western Digital SATA HDs. The data is transferring through a gigabit connection to a Cisco E3000 router.

The transfer rates are extremely slow; my back-up software Allway Sync fails when trying to transfer as it interprets the slow transfer rates as disk full.  Copying files to the drive from my system through Windows Explorer is extremely slow, at speeds between 5mb/s - 10mb/s. The time estimated to transfer 1.6TB of data is approximately 93 hours. My current back-up using the WD Anywhere software is running equally slow. It has been running for 3hrs and has transferred 15GB.

Is this normal for a ShareSpace system? If so I will need to return it. If there are settings that could be adjusted, please let me know.


  • Shaun

With a Gigabit network you should see speeds of up to 30MB/s (MegaByte, not bit – 1 MB ~ 8mb, so 30MB/s ~ 240mb/s) with the Sharespace. Most users have a 10/100 network due to cost, so they’ll get ~10MB/s (80mb/s). The new My Book Live can go up to 100MB (in testing they achieved these speeds). Most users on a 10/100 won’t get much more than the other units, but on a Gigabit network they definitely can achieve ~100MB/s.

That’s a lot of potential specs, but no real solution to my problem… any suggestions on how to reach those numbers?

If you attempt to transfer a smaller amount of data at once you should see faster transfer speeds. The drive itself is a computer, so transfering large amounts of data eats into the system resources. I wouldn’t recommend transfering more than 200-300GB at a time. I myself have managed to transfer about 150GB to the little brother of the Sharespace with no issues. The Sharespace is definitely a beast, so you should be fine moving above 200GB, I definitely wouldn’t suggest 1TB though. Does your backup software do incremental backups or does it backup all 1.6TB every time it backs up?

I haven’t been able to copy the complete amount yet, it usually stalls after 2 or 3 minutes; once it has the drive copied then it only propagates the changes. 

Using the WD Anywhere Backup software I don’t run into those problems with stalling/crashing, however the transfer rate is still extremely slow. It’s been running for over 4hrs now, and only 29GB has transferred.

There is no wy the SHarespace will give you the transfer speeds claimed by WD. A quick google will provide starting evidence. The hardware is simply incapable.

Here’s a challenge to SHarespace- Demonstrate, DON’T CLAIM, how  the sharespace can possibly achieve the claimed speed.

Sadly, as already said, the ShareSpace (or the mybook Worlds) cannot perform as advertised. I use my MyBookWorlds as download servers (hacked to run other software) and my ShareSpace as nothing more than a DLNA media streamer and it is only capable of doing that on an older firmware - the newer released firmware cant even manage that.

I’m running it on RAID 5… Has anyone tried any other RAID settings to make it work faster?

So far it’s been copying for 3.25 days and I’ve finally copied over 1TB over, but that’s not even 1/5th full. I can’t believe the drive is completely useless? 

Be careful with RAID5. There are a number of posts around stating rebuilds fail. Nevertheless, I would expect RAID5 write performance to be comparatively slow due to the processing involved.


I use Raid 0 (striped) and its OK with large files and ISO’s over say 500MB.  Many small files and its useless.  My mac is better that my PC at transferring files - but then again they are all in single file .dmg format so its pretty much the same.

The unit is slow, no matter what filesystem you use, and its not safe to upgrade the firmware - there is no fail safe if it goes bad, and no return to older firmware should the new one not be suitable for your use. In short its ■■■■!!

I wont buy another - nuff said.

Laura_F wrote:

With a Gigabit network you should see speeds of up to 30MB/s (MegaByte, not bit – 1 MB ~ 8mb, so 30MB/s ~ 240mb/s) with the Sharespace. Most users have a 10/100 network due to cost, so they’ll get ~10MB/s (80mb/s). The new My Book Live can go up to 100MB (in testing they achieved these speeds). Most users on a 10/100 won’t get much more than the other units, but on a Gigabit network they definitely can achieve ~100MB/s.

Hm! I have a Gigabit network and gigabit ports in router and sharespace and laptop. But I never see more than 10-13 MBytes\sec during copy some amount of data (usually file 2-5 GBytes) from laptop to sharespace, even in idle network.

Sharespace is very slow device, so I think there is impossible to get 30MB\s, as you wrote.

I have 4Tb shareSpace and its default network speed is set to 100Mb full duplex, so i have set my comp to work same.

yet shareSpace will not acheive better than 10Mb transfer rate.

have scsi storage system that works faster than the shareSpace…

WD believes everybody has a Giga Bit Ethernet.

ALL Sharespaces share the same Feature.

The only way to get these things to go is to have a Giga Ethernet from one end through to the other end.

In All there wisdom, they limited the Frame Packet Size to 1,500 bytes for 10.100 Networks, and

only with a 1000 network do they use LARGE 8000 byte Frame Packet Sizes.

Tinkering with Drives, Cache, RAID Types  won’t make any difference if it’s on a 10/100 Network

Ive changed my MTU setting to 9004 Jumbo, and now im getting 20Mb/s transfer before this i was crazy with a 400kbp/s, terrible. But i think it can be faster than this. WD must recommend the best settings for speed. I didn`t found anything about it at the website.

It’s impossible! I’m on a Gigabit network, everything right, the cables, switch and i only can get 10MB/s from computer to sharespace and a maximun of 20MB/s from sharespace to computer. Can you tell me what’s wrong? There’s some special configuration or magic to do what the product tells that do?!


I spoke with them, the agent admitted to false advertising with the product. After about two months of test and equipment upgrades, they eventually gave me a refund on the product and said it would never reach the speeds advertised. They reimbursed me for the product, but I was still out about $500 after all the network upgrades and software purchases they said I needed. Lying theives. I’d suggest returning it as soon as possible, run, don’t walk, and return it before you waste as much time as I have.

Sadly its a well know fact that the ShareSpace and MybookWorld NAS cannot perform quickly.  You have to realise that as NAS’ go they are cheap consumer devices even tho mine cost £800.  I find 10MB/s fast enough and I can stream all my media to my Apple TV 1 (XBMC) and my Humax DVR fine.  I use mine as a central ‘HUB’ for all our digital entertainment from MP3’s to HD video to photos and a bit of an FTP and fileserver. I never use MioNET - waste of space.  I should add that I am CAT5e all the way and use a NetGear Prosafe GigaBit switch.

I like mine - but that said after a firmware upgrade the unit could not even do the above, flashing the fix from WD screwed the entire system, and I had to RMA for a replacement :frowning: what upset me the most was the fact that I lost data.  The replacement came with the old firmware on it - and I dare not upgrade (one bitten and that).

Its all right them saying you should make a back up - but you cant back up TB’s of data and worse because the OS is on the drive you cant boot the thing once its bad.  WD should make it so you can boot into a recovery from a USB stick so you can re-install the OS on it, to have to RMA it for a bad OS flash is silly. (RANT OVER) lol