WD security doesn't recognized my WD external easystore 4T

Hi All,
Need help with set up password with my new WD hard drive.
I just bought a new Easystore 4T one. Installed all 3 WD apps: backup, drive utilities and security. The first 2 are working fine - able to recognize my drive, but the security one doesn’t - it doesn’t show my drive and saying “Attach a WD supported drive” in a blank window. This feature is the one I want the most.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

BTW. it shows on my explore properly as well.

Thanks in advance.


Are you sure your drive support the encryption? You could try to download the latest security app from WD support and try again.

Thanks Jebusx.

You are probably right. this HD comes with the pre-loaded software, so I was thinking it should support… may be not. I am seeking for WD support to get official answer for it.

Do you know how can I tell weather it support this feature or not, by any chance?

Thanks for your advice