WD Scorpio Blue 1TB WD10JPVX - Spindown Time - Need fix

This drive need a fix for spindown time.

My APM value in CrystalDiskInfo is 60h, shuold be 80h !!!

C’mon WD release a fix for it, or new firmware!

Nobody answer ?

Have you tried WD’s wdidle3 utility?

See http://community.wd.com/t5/Desktop-Mobile-Drives/Nasty-Intelli-Park-on-WD-Scorpio-Blue-1T-2-5/m-p/502284#M11142

If anyone can provide a dump of MOD 02 before and after applying wdidle3, I believe I will be able to apply this “fix” to all Scorpio models. BTW, the idle3 timer is not written to the same byte position in every drive. MOD 02 is divided into records, each with a specific function. The record numbers appear to be consistent, but their locations and lengths can vary.