WD RED WD40EFRX - No firmware available with NASware 3.0 and no LCC-Bug reply or fix!

I own two Western Digtial RED NAS HDD’s:

1# WD40EFRX -68WT0N0 80.0

Firmware: 80.00A80

2# WD40EFRX -68WT0No 80.0

Firmware: 80.00A80

I cant find any firmware download on the wd.com homepage or in the support area?

I read about the new NASware 3.0, also here direct on product info page.

What is wrong with you guys? Is it such a big problem to write the current firmware version in the download/support area or in the product page of the WD40EFRX?

I just find the WDFirmwareUpdater.zip, but this application just say that should plug in my device. I pluged my WD40EFRX direct on-board with sata3. CrystalDiskMark found it, WDFirmwareUpdater not.

When I try to search my product here, I cant find red hdd, only the sentence: " * If your product is not listed above, no firmware is available for download."

Perhaps we can use the seDiv tool to read the FW from users with NASWare 3.0 Firmware.

Why is there no 80.00A80 firmware available to refresh, If the customer has problems?

What is about NASware 3.0 firmware for the WD40EFRX?

It seems that WD dont want to give the customer a chance to update the: Look here (Post from " LB_WD")

And why nobody replies or give a statement to the LCC-Problems, see here, or hereor here!

I hope to get some good answers. The WD-Support just gave me a standard answer about the great quliaty of WD hdd’s…crazy!

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At this moment there are no firmware update files available on WD’s site for internal hard disk drives. Which performance issues are you encountering? Have you been able to confirm if they may be hardware related as opposed to firmware related?

My LCC is running higher and higher.

See here:

Theese was the first scrren until this, I log the LCC Data:

LCC =  Load_Cycle_Count (Urspünglicher Wert)
PCC = Power_Cycle_Count (Urspünglicher Wert)

HDD        LCC        PCC        am
1        1858        2395        17:35 11.09.2014
2        1545        2140        17:38 11.09.2014
1        7011        0063        09:46 28.01.2015
2        6607        0062        09:47 28.01.2015

And I do not understand why customers who buy now the same HDD, got a FW with NASWare 3.0 and older buyers only NASWare FW in version 2.0.

NASWare 3.0 give some advantages and I buy 2 4TB HDD from a big company like WD to get thoose updates. I trust WD all the years. Why is there no chance to provide an FW Update to give all the customers NASWare 3.0 Firmware.

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