WD40EFRX - LoadCycleCount issue

What an absolute joke, check this out… brought this WD a few days ago… check out that load/unload count already after three days.

Seriously fu$@ed :smirk_cat:

Don’t feel bad, I just returned 2 Raptor drives because of bad sectors and horrible performance. The 600G Raptor was almost nil.

Hi scorpydude,

did you ever check whether your controller/ computer/ motherboard … tells the disk to park the heads after every read or write operation?!

Yeah - It doesn’t!

It’s because these [Deleted] at WD released the first “Red”, supposid “NAS” grade drive and set the idle timeout to 8seconds. So the drive itself is parking it’s heads. These Red drives are meant to have this disabled (zero).

What a massive [Deleted] up.

Check it out  http://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=182&t=83577&start=75 (requires rego)

What on earth are Western Digital thinking!?!?

Gee lucky the moderator edited that “*bleep*”  to “removed” and completly didn’t address the glaring customer service issue that is already present in three WD40EFRX threads on the front page.

Western Digital… keep burying your head in the sand… that’ll fix the problem.