Updated my two WD40EZRX with wrong firmware! How to switch back?


I’v just bought a new WD40EFRX (WD Red 4TB) and updated the firmware with the official updater wd5741.exe from the WD homepage.

Unfortunately I also updated my two WD40EZRX (WD Green 4TB) in the same process!!!

What to do now? Is it possible to switch back to the original green firmware???



That’s not actually a firmware update, although it probably does change one or more bytes in a specific firmware module.

WD Red SMART load/Unload utility:

“This utility modifies the behavior of the drive to wait longer before positioning the heads in their park position and turning off unnecessary electronics.”

Which of the following command line options did you use? If you used “-dall”, then one would hope that the tool would have correctly determined whether your drives were “applicable”, in which case one would expect that no harm would have been done.

C:\>wd5741 -?
WD5741 Version 1
Update Drive
Copyright (C) 2013 Western Digital Corporation

WD5741 [-d?] [-dn] [-dall] [-s] [-bn] [-?]
-s Stop updating on first failure
-bn Set maximum bytes per command (default=512)
-d? List available drives
-dn Update the specified drive
-dall Update all applicable drives

-? This help message

If you are interested in finding out where the firmware changes were made, try the Sediv for WD tool:

I believe the demo version can read all the firmware modules. If you can ZIP these MODs and upload them, I will be happy to analyse them for you. I suspect that the changes would have been written to MOD 02, in which case there may be a backup MOD which would have the original data.

You have to RMA them.