CAVIAR RED (4TB WD40EFRX) LCC high value rapid increase IS or NOT an ISSUE?

Hi all,

I’m finding a lot of message in different internet forums, from people who claim for the high load cycle count LCC on the new caviar RED drive!! (more problem in the 4TByte version) WD40EFRX

I don’t understand why Western Digital don’t answer to this issue, and con’t clarify if IS or NOT an ISSUE! IF NO… OK otherwise say if will be a Firmware update OR if is it possible to use the old WDIDLE3 to change the time…


i just received two WD40EFRX (manufacture on 18th September 2013) and i can confirm this problem!

After about 15 minutes the LCC is at 24!


Afaik the drive is rated for up to 600k cycles. Even if the drive parks the heads only once every minute the limit is reached after ~1 year!

Is this a joke?

Hi all

seems that WD gave to some user the WDIDLE3 v to disable the LCC on the RED disk!!

see forum

I am having this same issue with a WD30EFRX Red drive that I just received.  I checked the Idle3 timer setting out of the box and it was set to 8 seconds.  I have installed in into my NAS and the LCC has grown to about 1200 in 24 hours.

I have a ticket in with WD support to see what they recommend, but so far no reply (it has only been in for 24 hours and given the holidays I am not really surprised no one has responded yet).  Hopefully they will let me know soon what action, if any, I should take.

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Sorry about that.  I originally posted my own question about this issue, then later found that the same subject was already being discussed in 2 different threads.  I posted on those threads to let the OP know that I was having a similar issue and was working with WD Support to determine what the next step should be.

Sorry if I was not following the rules for this community.  My intention was really just to help the Original Posters realize there were others with the similar issue.

I will stick to my original post thread only for this subject from now on.