WD Red Pro: Strange "Rev Up"/grinding noises

I have 4x 8TB Red Pro 256 MB Drives (WD8003FFBX-68B9AN0) in a Synology DS918+.

I’ve had some problems with them in the past as entailed here:

Apart from the noise they’re exhibiting as described in the thread above – which I’m not sure if it’s normal or not – they are also doing a strange “rev up noise” many times a day.

Audio clip: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1QU1QWYINJZ

The “rev up noise” is actually two different noises. A brighter “rev up” spinning sound in the background, and more prominently a sudden rasping/grinding/aggressive sound – both occur at the very start of the clip. This usually occurs when initiating a new process like Time Machine backup. However, the sudden raspy/grinding sound can happen almost anytime inside of a backup (which can take up to an hour sometimes depending on the size of data changed).

The grinding sound really stands out in noise level and ‘aggression’ to normal operation sounds from the helium drives.

Is there anyone who can confirm whether these noises are normal for helium drives? Something tells me it’s not normal.

Hi 1555,

You can refer below article to find out whether the sound or noise produced by WD Red Pro is normal or not.

Thanks – I’ve seen that link before and it’s very hard to determine from textual descriptions if a noise is normal or abnormal. Perhaps WD should supply some audio clips of different noises on their support page.

Do you have the technical ability to listen to my audio clip and say something about it? To me, it sounds like “grinding/hammering”, which according to the support page might be an abnormal sound.

Is the recommended way to contact Western Digital support via a support ticket and have their technical team listen to the clip?

Hi 1555,

You may use Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool to test the health of the WD Red Pro drives by connecting them directly with the computer. If fails, then it needs to contact WD’s Support to replace them under warranty.

However, you can also contact WD’s Technical Support directly about this.