WD Red Pro 14TB NAS Noise at Start up Only

I recently had a custom Windows 10 PC (Puget Systems) built which included two WD Red Pro 14TB NAS internal hard drives. I have had the system for about 3 month when a strange noise appeared during start-up. The noise only happens during a startup from a complete shutdown. The noise does not happen during a Restart. The sound occurs about 16 seconds after power-on and last about a second. It is best described as a “Woodpecker” sound. Once the system is up and running, the PC is absolutely quiet and works as expected. I have run Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic on both drives which both PASSED. I have reached out to WD support via email but have not never received a reply. I have a recording of the sound but cannot find a way to upload to this forum.


Please refer to the following KBA article: How To Tell If The Noise or Sound An Internal Drive Makes is Normal

Startup spin up sound is sometimes audible. Some hard disks I have stuffed into my rig vary in the level of noise they make. Then again I have data center class disks that do not care much about disk head seek noise etc.

I have this exact issue on a brand new build with a 16TB WD Red Pro. It must be expected. I RMA’d the disk thinking it was bad, new drive does the same thing. No clue if that helps, it’d be nice if someone from WD confirmed this rather than just sending a KB, which does not necessarily cover this. I am providing a link to a small video for reference (listen at the 15s - 20s mark).