Western Digital RED PRO 6TB Strange Sounds


My unusual scenario is like this.
1st i bought a Western Digital 6TB Red Pro 7200rpm with whom i had a problem.
The problem was that it had strange sounds and also the operating system was not able to detect.
Later i sent that hdd to the service department and they decided to replace the drive.
I had no technical reason given, just that it was replaced.

Now the 2nd drive i received has the same behavior, but the only difference is that my operating system is able to detect it, BUT it has the same strange sounds just like the first one.
I have uploaded the video which contains the strange sounds.


Any feedback’s would really mean so much to me because i don’t know what to do anymore with this hard drive.


Sounds normal to me thats what hard drives sound like am I missing something ?

That’s the thing, i don’t know if this normal or not.
I have in my desktop other 3 HDD drives, each 2TB Purple, only difference is that they are 5400rpm and this 6TB is 7200rpm.

And another thing i don;t have how to test, is that i don’t know how another HDD would sound like, meaning that a 2 or 4 TB Red Pro would sound like.

WD RED PRO 6TB Sound when running Quick Test with Data Lifeguard

temperature comparisson between all my HDD’s

I would like, if possible and if somebody knows someone from WD Tech Support, to forward them this post plssss.

It does sound and look normal to me but if you like you can put in a support request direct to WD to verify

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Tried to open a support case, but i keep getting rejected that i am not writing the correct serial number
Any idea why this keeps poping out ?
My serial number from what is says on the hdd is:[Deleted-privacy]