WD Red disable TLER?

Im looking to buy a single heavy use storage drive in my desktop and i’m considering the Red over Green due to improved performance and lower noise thanks to 1TB platters. However since the Red drives have TLER enabled and that is not ideal for a single storage drive i was wondering if the feature can be disabled using western digitals tools. Also would disabling the feature keep it off even after power cycling?

BTW are there any other disadvantages by using a red drive over a green for desktop storage? Price is not a factor in this case.

Thanks in Advance

I have the same question but for a small NAS. It is not based on Linux like QNAP / Synology / etc… but on ZFS (FreeBSD / OpenIndiana). As Linux benefits from TLER but ZFS does not need (in fact does not like) TLER, it would be great to disable TLER for the Red series via a renewed WDTLER utility.

So if annyone from WD could be able to comment on this?


As far as I know it cannot be disabled, unless you modify the firmware in some way. But you can also call tech support to see if the offer any utilities for that.

AFAICT, TLER (Time Limited Error Recovery) is essentially identical to the Error Recovery Control (ERC) feature set defined by the ATA standard. I believe the ERC setting is volatile, ie it does not survive a power cycle. However, one possible workaround would be to automatically configure the ERC settings at very boot using a utility such as smartcl.

See the “Setting TLER” paragraph at the following URL:

I don’t know how to achieve the same end in a NAS environment, though.

Any news?

Can TLER be disabled on red drives for use in desktops?

I don’t know if this answers your question directly,

but Allyn Malventano’s review of WDC’s new “red series”

has a lively discussion of TLER here:


Hope this helps.


  BTW are there any other disadvantages by using a red drive over a green for desktop storage?

Recently, someone sent me a link to a YouTube video

which demonstrated an invention which automatically

balances car and truck tires:

The invention uses a circular tube with about 6

ball bearings freely encased within that tube.

When the spinning tire wheel is out of balance,

the ball bearings automatically move to a different

location within that tube, and the result is that

balance is restored.

I suspect that something LIKE that invention

is now being used in WD’s Red drives.

Allyn Malventano discusses that feature

in his review of the WD Red drives:


See “3D Active Balance Plus”

p.s.  Yes, that YouTube video is also on this page:




so can the Red series be used just as a regular desktop drive?

You can.

The TLER part doesn’t hinder you running them in single mode.