Question about the WD Red hard drive series


I’ve been a fan of Western Digital hard drive since… forever. Well, I’ve been thinking of buying a WD Red hard drive (2TB) to use in my Windows 7 PC. Yes, PC; not a NAS. I want to use my hard drive for storage and my PC is 90% of the time always on.

So, my question is… Do WD Red hard drives works alone is a PC with no RADI or NAS anywhere whatsoever?

Thank you for your answers!

Yes, you can use it as a stand alone hard drive. 


What about the TLER? It’s set to 7 seconds right? I read that it could cause errors. See message 4 in this topic :

Is there an official tool I can use, if I get the 2TB Red drive, to change the TLER value to 45 seconds (or any optimal single-drive value)?

As far as I know is the other way around, if you use a Green drive with a slower TLER, it will cause problems when installed on a RAID controller. Installing a single RED drive should not cause any problems. 

I have no intentions to use a RAID or a NAS or anything like that. I want to use said drive along with other hard drives that are in no RAID configuration whatsoever.

Hi well all I can say is from experience I have run TLER drives for many years now, some as stand alone drives and have never had any problem doing so. Any enterprise drive has TLER but they are better drives and I don’t like cheap drives.

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Just to be perfectly clear: It is okay to use these new Red hard drives as you would any other hard drive, in a computer and not just in a server?

I have been using the Yellow RE drives in all of my computers ever since I started building my own.

I would just like to switch over to the Red drives and, possibly, use them in RAID inside my computer.

The way the advertisements seem, is that they are only to be used in NAS server enclosures and not in a plain homebuilt computer situation. I have no need of a server, I’d just like to try these new drives in any or all of my everyday desktop computers.

Thank you for your help.