WD Red drives as desktop drives?

I have read up that the WD Red drives have been designed for NAS applications, however, my desktop machine (not and NAS or RAID configuration) has long spun up times, not always 24/7, but maybe 18/7, occasionaly for a few days in a row 24/7. The spec reads better than the Green drive, the only other drive with 3TB capacity and not at an insane price of the Black 3TB. My question is, can a Red drive be used as a desktop drive, or are they really totally different and only suitable as a RAID / NAS arrangement?

Hi yes the only real difference is the red drives have TLER, time limited error recovery this wont cause any problems used as a stand alone desktop drive. I have used raid drives for years in a stand alone situation. The black drives are faster and also have a 5 year warranty.

Thanks for your reply. There is no 3TB Black drive that I can find and 4TB Black too expensive for the moment, which is why 3TB Red interested me over the Green drives, especially for it’s better tollerances and more designed for longer pc power on times.