Wd red 2tb can be sucessfully patched with wdtler?

Did anyone succesfully patched their wdred 2tb drive to have tler disabled with the wdtler tool?
Just wondering bc wd is scaring people saying it could render the disks firmware useless on “newer” drives. But whats new?
(source wikipedia). Mine’s from september 28 2012

Sorry to say this,

Why would you disable a feature that allows you to use the drive properly on a NAS system… is a network drive, it needs that feature.

Just saying

When I bought it i didn’t know about the tler setting on this drive. I thought it could just as well be used for desktop use. The wd green drives have lots of bad reviews on breaking down even in desktop setups… My trusty samsung f drives are now made by seagate which also has a bad rep. Supposedly seagate barracuda rebranded to samsung f4. See newegg reviews. Selling it would mean a price loss.
That is why.
Hope you can see the point now.

I just need some actual success stories and il be happy and wont bother you again.

Btw there could come a time where you would want to use a raid drive for desktop use. WD isnt too clear about whether wdtler.exe is pulled to prevent turning off tler on their raid drives. Or possibly to prevent folks turning this setting ON on desktop drives that never feature this feature in the first place (wd black drives ie). Thus possibly rendering the drive useless bc of its mispatched firmware after patching. Then again its all guesswork and i would like WD to come forth snd tell us how it really is. Just saying.