WD red 8To and 10To Power-Off_Retract_Count and LCC increase

Hi all,
on a synology NAS (power on 24h/24h) without any disk hibernation, I noticed in SMART data that Load_Cycle_Count and Power-Off_Retract_Count increases continuously (approximately every 24h) for new drives WD100EFAX and WD80EFZX.

The problem does not exist for WD40EFRX drives on same NAS.

I found on a french forum (http://www.nas-forum.com/forum/topic/59106-wd100efax-power-off_retract_count-augmente-continuellement/ that I am not the only one in this case.

I also found that It seems to be case for other users on WD community. In mycase, Power-Off_Retract_Count value is high on my new 8To drive compared to ones of my 4 years old WD 4To drive.


The smart status is ok with WD Data lifeGuard.

Is it related to 83.H0A83 firmware ?
If you are a WD red 8To or 10To owner, can you post your smart data to check il all drives are concerned.