WD Red 4TB noise levels

Good morning all,

I have just purchased my first NAS and I am using 2 X 4TB WD Red (standard version, not the Pro model) drives within it. Maybe I have become a little too accustomed to the relative silence of SSD drives over the years as the noise from the WD Red drives I have seems a little louder than I was expecting. The router and NAS is located in the bedroom so if any read / write activity is taking place during the night, the noise from the drives is quite audible.

I have taken a video to demonstrate the noise I am referring to. The video is a fresh power on of the NAS and you should be able the hear the noise I am referring to from the 20 second mark onwards. I also recorded the noise level during a file transfer from my laptop to the NAS?

Is the noise level normal or have I been sent two drives that resemble a couple of dot matrix printers :wink:

Cheers in advance


Make sure to test the drive to confirm that they are working properly.

See if this helps

Thanks very much for the suggestion ERmorel.

Much appreciated

Hello All,

Can some one help me for following similar question:

I have bought new Synology DS218j and two WD Red 4TB drives and used as Hybrind RAID (SHR). The problem is the vibration type sound, which happens in every 5 seconds despite that there is none of the two Disk LEDs blinking i.e. I do not use any data from the NAS drive at that time. For example while in night time the sound is quite audible :frowning:

This sound can be listened in the audio [shared audio link:
at following timestamps:

00:13 - 00:14
00:19 - 00:20
00:29 - 00:30
00:39 - 00:40

Initially I thought the problem is in Synology DS218j device but I thought to do following tests before I sent the Synology DS218j device for replacement:

  • By removing both the drives and then powering on the Synology DS218j and there was no such noise present.
  • After that I fitted only one of those 2 HDDs and such sound was audible again.
  • After that I fitted only second HDD (as single HDD) and such sound was audible again.

I consulted Synology DS218j chat support and they kind of gave me a hint that this is issue in WD Red since 2015, after suggesting me to do above tests, which I had already done.

Any suggestions?