Wd red 4tb does not spin


i have bought 3 x 4tb red drives and put them on a highpoint raid card

sinds today my card kicked of 1 of the drives 3 times out of the raid (JBOD)

after that the drive does not spin up, if i connect the drive to the mainbord sata, the bios sees the drive but it does not spin and the bios says its 0gb

is there something that i can do?

Hello aceke,

Test the drive with the DLG tool to see if the drive is being affected by bad sectors.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

Also you can download a DOS version from the link below.

i received a new disk from wd but is it normal that i received a used disk? my disk was 1 week old when it was broken

now i get a used one with waranty of 2 months

i dont trust this disk, i lost already 12tbyte of data the first time it was broken


Warranty on the replacement drive should be updated to the warranty on the original drive.