WD Reds in NAS starting to fail


I’m currently running twin WD Red Edition 3TB drives in a RAID1 configuration in a Synology Diskstation DS710+.

Late last year I replaced my twin 2TB WD Raid Edition drives with 2x WD Red 3TBs and was quite pleased with the performance of them, however as of two days ago I’m now experiencing around half the read/write performance including issues where the transfers “burst” e.g. Copy a few MB then idle for a moment, copy a few MB then idle again.

The last time I experienced issues like this was when one of my 2TB drives developed bad sectors, however this was picked up in my diskstation logs and easily identified, swapped out and replaced. With my 3TB drives nothing is being detected by the Diskstation yet.

So my question, does anyone have any bright ideas for locating the faulty drive that doesn’t involve taking the diskstation offline  and removing a drive to connect to a PC and running hours of diagnostics?   


As a recommendation, test the units individually using the DLG Tool.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

If is a bad sectors issue, the utility will let you know.