Help With Crashed Brand New WD Red Pro 10TB

Been using a 6TB WD blue for years in my NAS, no issues. Ran out of space and upgraded to a brand new WD102KFBX WD Red Pro 10TB, worked fine in my nas for about 2 weeks then stopped working. NAS says drive is bad, other computer using WD diagnosis tool says same thing. It spins up but makes a repeated beeping noise before showing bad. Has anyone had any luck fixing this problem enough to recover data from something like this, preferably doing it myself. I don’t mind RMA and getting new drive but I’ll lose 6TB/10 years worth of data. Also, for people with experience returning drive, if I RMA it, will they try to fix it first and recover my data? Or just send me a “new” one and format my old one before giving me the option to have it sent to a data recovery specialist first? Thanks for any help

Lol :rofl:…No. WD don’t do data recovery

You’ll most probably get a Receritfied one (which is a previously repaired one)

You will have to arrange Data Recovery yourself (which will cost you Hundreds of Dollars if you aren’t aware) … they won’t give you an option.

Have a good read of the link below.