Bought 2 brand new 6TB WD Red Plus WD60EFZX but looked like both are defective

I bought the 2 HDs from Best Buy online during Black Friday so I can use them on my new NAS (Synology 920+). Unboxed them and installed them on the NAS and the NAS could not detect them. I thought it was the NAS so I asked for a replacement NAS. The replacement came this week and when I installed the same 2 HDs, I still get the same issue. It seems that they don’t even spin. I was able to get one of my ‘almost dying’ HD from my previous NAS and install it and the new NAS detected it! I don’t have an HD docking station that I can use to connect the HDs to my laptop so I don’t have other options to test them. So is it safe to assume that these are defective HDs?

Man, how rare is it to get 2 defective brand-new Red Pluses? Btw, I saw 2 types of RMA, and I searched the advanced RMA and they seem to charge a fee if not returned within 30 days. What’s the advantage of this? Will I get the replacement HDs faster since they are not going to wait for the return? I really need to get my NAS set up and move all my files from my old NAS this holiday so I don’t have to worry about it next month.

If your NAS is an older model it may be locking the disks via PWDIS

Find a more recent model of NAS for Red Plus disks

Reason I ask is that modern disks with SATA 3.3 often have issues with older NAS boxes

I presume you have 4 disks to fill the unit properly

I went back to Best Buy and asked them to test it and they confirmed that both HDs are dead (not spinning). I was able to get replacements and everything is now working flawlessly on my Synology 920+.