WD Red 3TB HDD too loud! Constant activity!

My WD is so loud a the moment. It sounds like it is at full load ever since I press the power button on my PC. The discs are all full speed and its a constant whooshing sound! I have a htpc and it is really affecting it. Can someone please help?

I have tried wdidle3 (its disabled)

I have tried disk tools and tests all come back okay.

Im not sure what else to do?

Check the following KB’s for some advice. 

How to tell if the noise or sound the drive is making is normal 

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows 

Bought a RED and Green at same time.  My brother in law works for WD, so I’m partial to these drives.  The GREEN purred like a kitten, but the RED (supposedly faster) drive was constantly accessing and driving me crazy with all the noise.  Saw a bunch of posts on this on Amazon, suggesting it was access or parking of drive issues.  NOPE.  Was that at all for me.

After 7 months of this, my computer finally gave up the ghost.  Thought my MB crashed, yet i still had a green light on the MB.  But not at all.  It was simply the a wattage issue with the new drive.

SOLUTION:  I replaced my current 700 watt Power Supply with an 850 watt power supply, and PRESTO!  ALL IS WELL.  The RED drive is so quiet i NEVER hear it, even when gaming.

Turns out that the RED drive demands extra wattage than the green.  So if you buy it and things get noisy, try upping the power supply.  Seems my video card appreciated it too.

How many HDD/ pheriferals have you connected to your computer? I have a 650 watts with 4 drives some greens some reds and old se16